Data Delivered… SMART!

PASSboards is the Next-Gen Stats Network delivering data models to any device. This new Predictive Advanced Statistical Solution is made up of boards, each built to suit to any industry. Our PASSboards patent pending engine can parse any data API and organize it on our specialized display.


Grouped into categories, and housed under what we call ‘EDITIONS’. These Editions are specific to a business vertical. Because your clients are unique, we understand the data will be as well, so our experts have made sure that your personal platform adapts & fit your needs, displaying data specific to you that your customers will understand.


Simple Setup

With a simple point & click, you’ll stream data directly to your own personal passboard domain within your space. You can manage changes & updates on our secure portal. We can update any set of API’s for your data feeds so you can be worry free.


Customized Content

With our data API experts, we personally sit with you to go over what is relevant, disparate data & see what works best for your PASSboard. Our platform adapts to updates on the fly and allows custom data input views.


Aligned Verticals

Our platform is a lot like a chameleon, adapting to the multiple channels and business verticals today. We bring your relevant, or disparate, data to the surface on individual customized cards. Because data is never the same, our engine is able to align to any business.


OOH Media

PASSboards allows for a unique Out-Of -Home advertising space. Allowing you a unique engagement package that helps your business grow. Give us a shout to download our media kit, or if you have any other questions on our OOH pricing, Contact Us.






PASSboards is a unique network dedicated to taking the billions upon billions of data points, and reconfiguring them onto our powerful engine. This platform has been carefully crafted and designed for just about any type of data, allowing it to be creatively displayed whenever statistical information is needed.

Event Debut,
Feb. 2-4, 2018

Featured at SportCon in Minneapolis, our newest platform will be on show for clients looking to offer a new fan experience at their sports venues. Making it’s debut is our SPORTS Edition package, focusing on todays data driven sports fan.


Our patent pending software engine, bridges the gap between data, live games & a new engagement. Giving the ultimate fan an experience they’ve been looking for, along with the opportunity to offer up something new & unique at any venue. You can now stop wondering why beloved fans have stopped attending events. Start offering them thousands of up-to-the-second stats & live sports together. All in one location, yours.


PASSboards, The Next Gen Network is changing the way fans see the game today.

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