Changing The Way You See Gameday Stats

Introducing the best way for fans to stat watch their favorite team, player, or game. PASSboards Sports edition has been created with the Next Gen Sports Fan in mind. Offering up a unique and new statistics experience only offered inside venues. This platform has the ability to pull any type of data, both on and off the field, relaying it onto any screen you wish. Customizable and responds to any resolution imaginable. Contact us to learn more and set up a personal demo.

Real-Time Player Stats

On-field Gameday Stats are pushed to each and every PASSboards instantly, right as it happens on the field. We offer both specific & specialized stats for any sport. Delivering a quality platform displaying exactly what every Next Gen Sports Fans are longing for.


RFID Integration

Just about every player in the game today has some kinda of data chip integrated into their game on the field of play. We turn data from the speed of the game ball to the force on a helmet hit into a visual stat live for all to see. Our data API engineers created a patent pending engine pushing this unique data to displays never seen before, that fans will love to be apart of.


Predictive Modeling

One component that makes PASSboards really special, is our ability take on field gameday data and put it into a crystal ball. We give the ultimate fan an opportunity to look into how a player/team might perform based on all their major stats leading up to any particular game. Now you can get ahead in the game of the data number crunching fan.


Pre, In-Game & Post Stats

With our 24/7 software, PASSboards will never display the same info. We’ve created an algorithm that displays relevant stats before, during and after each and every game. League leading player stats will get a fresh update, giving the Next Gen Sports Fan new information. This allows the fan to see how a player may perform that upcoming day, as well as how their previous performance was. Its a simple idea, just never been done before, and only offered on PASSboards.


Our Data ‘Playing’ Cards Organizes All Your Statistical Data.

Our Data ‘playing’ Cards were created while playing a simple game of ‘Go Fish’. Putting ten cards in a hand, seemed difficult to know what we had. However, it was plain to see that we could begin to simplify data this way, allowing anyone a quick view of a particular type of data & information, quickly and clearly.


So when it came to building the strongest, yet simplest, data solutions network we decided that no matter what was on display, it had to be understood in seconds. That’s why we invented, PASSboards Data Cards. Customizable cards that dissect & display a billion types of stats easily viewed at a glance.
Now, what goes on these cards is truly endless, and we cannot wait to work with you in creating your personalized PASSboards platform.

No More



The days of the sports ticker are quickly fading. The Next Gen Sports Fan are no longer relying on this for their up-to-the-minute player stat needs. Tickers can take 10 secs for one player stats to cross the screen.


Our system can display 10 or more players relevant stats & figures in 10/15 seconds, up-to-the-second all at one time. While continuing to rotate through a league’s top gameday players & position stats. Contact Us to set up a personal demo and view the Next Gen Stats Network for yourself.